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Go wild?

…doesn’t necessarily mean to “go crazy.” It’s rather a mantra that speaks directly to tapping into your wildest dreams, cultivating the vision for it, and manifesting it. These dreams and ideas require action.

Being defiant in your pursuit of forging a new path, you learn you have the power to breathe life into these ideas, dreams, and visions. We learn we have the power to create and shape the world we live in.

Once we start on the journey, we realize it was never even that wild to begin with but that we simply needed to venture out and do it. Fear was the prohibitor all along.

And what shall you do when you face fear?

Go wild.



Chief Creative Queen

Anna Wilder is a creative entrepreneur and businesswoman who specializes in design and branding for other entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups with her brand, MUSA.

Anna is also the founder of Crown Talk Collective, whose mission is to bridge the gap between those interested in divulging, processing, and problem solving various issues we face as creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and women navigating any industry.

More Info on Anna

MA, Design Management, Savannah College of Art & Design
BFA, Graphic Design, Columbia College Chicago

Skills: Graphic design, branding, print design, project management, brand development, brand strategy, creative direction, design management.

I provide: A sharp design eye, focus on brand, expertise in management, and a fresh perspective for all projects I take on.

Superpower: Curiosity-driven strategic thinking.

Other stuff: Self-proclaimed Blerd, gluttonous foodie, hip-hop enthusiast, lover of exploration, outdoorsy yet indoorsy, Jack & Ginger, fondness for animals – most especially felines.

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