MUSA Brand partners with marketing agencies to provide select offerings that nourish the development of small business, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and NPO’s. 

After you determine what you need, reach out and grab a piece. We’re ready for you.


Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to take an existing endeavor into a new direction, branding is essential to growth and sustainability.

Establishing a brand identity takes work and craft. It’s both visual and written. Maybe you have a brand already in the making but you need visual components or to make your messaging make sense, this service is ideal for you. As your collaborator, we can develop your brand together.

Branding services vary and may include:

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Industry/competitor research and analysis
  • Brand messaging
  • Style Guide: logo design, fonts, color palettes, visual elements, social media design, business cards, pattern design, email signatures, stock photography, etc.

Duration: Dependent upon specific project needs.

Payment structure: Flat fee or Retainer



Visual design is a medium in which your brand manifests itself.

Offerings include:

  • Social media design retainers
  • Social media flyer or template design
  • Print and digital design
  • Marketing collateral
  • Web design

Duration: Based on project scope

Payment structures: Hourly, Flat fee, or Retainer


Creative strategy involves developing an approach to your brand or business such as discussing which platforms are beneficial, niches to target, co-brand opportunities, market alignment, or general marketing positioning. 

Consulting may include any of the following dependent upon your needs:

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • 1-hr weekly virtual check-in meetings
  • Research and analysis documentation
  • Solutions and advice related to your brand and branding
  • Action plan and timeline to implement

Duration options:

  • 3mos, 6mos, or 1 year

Payment structure: Retainer

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