2020 has been…
a lot.

 A lot of things and for everyone.

Despite the chaos, there has been an influx in new business ventures. As many of us look ahead to 2021, I want to help you get ahead of the curve and revamp the brand you’ve been building. This is an opportunity to gain more clarity, insights, and creative direction as you move forward in your vision.

For November through December, I’m offering a FREE 30-minute brand consultations with special service pricing and packages focused on jumpstarting your brand. 

Special Pricing Includes:

  • Squarespace or WordPress Website – $500
    (Ecommerce setup excluded)
  • Logotype (text-based logo) – $120
  • Full logo (Logotype + Logomark) – $220
  • Media Kit or EPK – $120
  • Social Media Templates (4) – $80
  • Combo Package: Combine any of the above – Pricing varies

All deposits must be made by 12/30/2020

Offer ends December 22, 2020








Hear what past consults had to say:

Anna is simply amazing at what she does and I’m so glad i finally get to work with her. She’s very professional and knowledgeable about her line of work. When I was doubting myself about needing a media kit at the moment, she genuinely explained to me why it’ll be beneficial to have one and we went on to have an amazing conversation! Not only is she very talented, she has an amazing spirit as well.
Nadia Harrald

Owner, NSider Media Productions

My experience with MUSA was amazing. Anna was responsive and super helpful. One thing that I like most was how invested you were in my vision and my brand. The care she showed made me feel safe and what’s most important, I felt that I can trust Anna with my baby. Keep up the good work.

Tot Williams

The consultation was very relaxed and professional. Anna, understood the world that I was trying to create and the depths of it. Her level of understanding reassured me that hiring her services was a good choice and I believe that she will bring life to my vision. And that’s what’s matters! 
Darren Hardaway

My consultation was fantastic! All of my questions were answered, Anna is very knowledgeable and gathers as much info as she can to bring your vision into reality. She’s very supportive and will keep you informed every step of the way!

Ayanna Pettaway

Ready to Jumpstart Your Brand for 2021 and beyond? Book your FREE consultation.

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